Mountain Biking  

There are miles of forest roads to be explored but please take notice of any excluded areas bieng harvested. The timber wagons take no prisoners!

There are also two of the 7stanes near Barrhill.


Glen Trool

Uncover the wild mood of Galloway through its wide range of gentle to exhilarating rides. Set in Galloway Forest, Glentrool offers wild windswept riding side by side with history and nature. Choose from:

The Big Country Route

The unique 58km Big Country Route runs on minor public and forest roads without any singletrack. Don’t be misled by the absence of technical singletrack, as this is a challenging day in the saddle, with testing climbs and big descents. This route also features some magnificient views of the nearby lochs and hills.


Glentrool has two green-graded routes:

The Glen

The Glen is a short leisurely trail which is suitable for families looking for an unhurried pace. Taking you round the picturesque Palnagashel Glen.

The Palgowan

Also suitable for families, taking you north on charming forest roads. After a short climb, look forward to the long descent around Glencaird Hill. A short cut along the minor public road back to Glentrool Village is available if you want to miss out the climb.



Glentrool also has a blue-graded route:

The Green Torr

The Green Torr is nearly all on purpose-built singletrack. Climbing gradually up through the forest to overlook the picturesque Loch Trool.
Although the Green Torr Blue Route is moderate in both length and difficulty, it has a long, final descent which should appeal to riders who wouldn’t normally consider a route of this grade. It’s not without challenge though; as it climbs 218m to the Green Torr overlooking Loch Trool, before descending quickly back to the visitor centre. The ascent is fairly gentle, with just a few steep snaps, but coming back down is steeper and you should make sure everyone knows how to use their brakes effectively. The views are pretty good too!



Kirroughtree, home to some of the best technical singletrack in the country.

Also a favourite family venue with a wide range of trails, seasonal café and a great children’s play area.



Skills Area

This small, compact set of trails is an ideal warm up for your ride, or if you are new to mountain biking, they’ll give you a taste of the type of trail features you'll find at Kirroughtree. The skills trails pack a lot into a short distance, you can choose from the blue-, red- or black-graded runs, and will demonstrate the more difficult obstacles you will meet - but don’t forget you can always get off and push the harder bits if you want to.

The Trails

Kirroughtree spoils you for choice and you can make several selections from the wide range of trails available which include:

The green-graded Bargaly Wood

Offering a relaxed ride taking you around the scenic Bargalt Glen. For something more challenging try the blue-graded Taster Loop.

The blue-graded Larg Hill

Is great if you are looking for something with a bit of added excitement. This route also has the option of adding the Doon Hill extension, offering some great views.


The red-graded Twister

Is technically testing and more demanding on the rider than the other routes at Kirroughtree.

The black-graded Black Craig's

Is not for the nervous and requires skill to negotiate the highlights such as, McMoab's huge slabs and ridges of exposed granite.$FILE/7stanes-kirroughtreemap.pdf