Martyrs' Tomb
In 1665, by the side of Cross Water in Barrhill, John Murchie and Daniel Mieklewrick were found by soldiers to be in possession of Bibles and assumed to be Covenanters and shot to death. They were buried on the spot, and a memorial was built, known as "The Martyrs' Tomb".
A modern inscribed monument erected in 1825 within a walled enclosure marks the grave of John Murchie and Daniel Meiklewrick, two Convenanters who were shot and buried here in 1685. Three fragments of an earlier tombstone, inscribed on one side "Here lys John Murchie and Daniel McJlurick martyrs by bloody Drummon they were shot 1685", and on the other "Renewed by Gilbt McIlurick in Alticonnach 1787", lie within the enclosure. The former inscription must have been on the original stone, as it appears in the "Cloud of Witnesses", published in 1730.
"The Martyrs' Tomb Walk" is now a popular scenic walk which follows the banks of Cross Water for 600 metres from the bridge in the village centre to the tomb itself.