BCIC now have their own website at www.bcic.org.uk

The Barrhill Community Interest Company's purpose is to oversee the development of Barrhill through the management of the Windfarm monies allocated to the community. The outline of this development is detailed in the Barrhill Community Action Plan.

Directors of Barrhill Community Interest Company

Mark Bradshaw - Treasurer
Johnny Thomson - Chairperson
Pauline Hewitt - Secretary
Gavin Hughes - Vice-Chairperson
Pearl McGibbon
Ken McLaren

Non-Director - Minute Secretary - Heather Shuckburgh
Secretariat - Turcan & Connell (Gavin McEwan)

Re:  Membership of BCIC – Barrhill Community Interest Company

At the BCIC AGM held in July 2014 it was agreed that all permanent residents 16 years and over of Barrhill Community Council District could, on completion of an application form, automatically become members of the BCIC.

If you have not already completed a membership application form and wish to do so, then please see attached.  One membership form per person is required and completed forms should then be submitted
to the BCIC secretariat.

Application form for membership (open to residents within Barrhill CC district)
Application to be a director

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