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New Rail Timetable from June 2, 2024

The trains are running again BUT now on a reduced temporary timetable.

Full temporary timetable introduced 10th July.

Times marked in red are cacelled trains during the temporary timetable.

Monday to Saturday
Stranraer 07:04   09:00   13:05   17:07   19:08
Barrhill 07:38   09:34   13:39   17:42   19:42
Girvan 07:57   09:52   13:57   18:00   20:00
Maybole 08:15   10:08   14:13   18:16   20:16
Ayr arr 08:26   10:20   14:26   18:34   20:31
Ayr dep 08:29               20:30
Ayr Electric dep 08:35   10:35   14:35   18:39   20:37
Kilmarnock 08:53               20:58
Glasgow (Electric) 09:26   11:26   15:26   19:31   21:30
Glasgow (via Kilm)
Stranraer 10:41 12:41 14:41 17:40 19:40        
Barrhill 11:16 13:16 15:15 18:14 20:15    
Girvan 11:34 13:34 15:33 18:33 20:33    
Maybole 11:50 13:50 15:49 18:49 20:49        
Ayr arr. 12:02 14:02 16:01 19:01 21:01        
Ayr dep. 12:15 14:15 16:15 19:15 21:45        
Glasgow 13:04 15:03 17:04 20:03 22:36        

Glasgow to Barrhill (change at Ayr if blue coloured)

Monday to Saturday
Glasgow (via Kilm)                  
Glasgow (Electric) 06:30   10:30   14:30   16:30   20:30
Kilmarnock             17:02   21:11
Ayr (arr) 07:22   11:22   15:22   17:21   21:22
Ayr (dep) 07:28   11:36   15:35   17:29   21:38
Maybole 07:39   11:47   15:46   17:44   21:49
Girvan 07:59   12:03   16:01   17:58   22:04
Barrhill 08:18   12:22   16:21   18:23   22:25
Stranraer 08:53   12:57   16:56   18:57   23:00
Glasgow 10:00 12:00 14:00 17:00 18:30        
Ayr (arr) 10:53 12:52 14:53 17:54 19:21    
Ayr (dep) 11:06 13:06 15:06 18:05 19:27    
Maybole 11:17 13:17 15:17 18:16 19:38        
Girvan 11:31 13:36 15:36 18:35 19:53        
Barrhill 11:56
15:55 18:54


Stranraer 12:31 14:31 16:31 19:30 20:53        

Note that even this is subject to change.

To see the Barrhill timetable use the Rail Timetable link on the menu or click here. (There are no new changes)

For the full new Glasgow - Ayr - Stranraer timetable click here.

Always check the service online as industrial action can cause changes.


Health & Social Care, Social Work Drop-In

A representative from social services attends the first Friday coffee morning of the month from 10am to 11am for you to discuss any issues that you may wish to raise.


Barrhill Badminton

No badminton on 2nd July due to election

Tuesdays 6pm to 8pm

All ages and abilities welcome.
Racquets available.

Come and enjoy a social evening with the benefit of some exercise disguised as fun.

No fees for residents of Barrhill and adjacent villages.

Skips and Bins

Hazardous Type Waste

The following waste types should Never be placed in a skip (new limitations in bold type):

• Materials Container Persistent Organic Polluntants (POPs) :
Sofas, Sofa Beds, Armchairs, Kitchen and Dining Room Chairs, Stools and Foot Stools, Home Officer Chairs, Futons, Bean Bags, Floor and Sofa Cushions, Electrical Recliner Chairs.

• Tyres
• Liquids
• Oils
• Paints
• Acids/alkalis
• Batteries
• Garden chemicals
• Industrial chemicals
• Dead animals
• Asbestos
• Clinical waste e.g. needles

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure of any household waste that you want to deposit in a skip, please contact a member of our waste and recycling team through 0300 123 0900 for advice.

Please note that if any of the above items are found in the Barrhill

skip it will lead to the cancellation of skips to the village.

2024 Community Skips

February Friday 2nd to Monday 5th
April  Friday 5th to Monday 8th
May   9th      
June Friday 7th to Monday 10th
July   6th      
August    Friday 9th to Monday 12th
September   6th      
October Friday 11th to Monday 14th
November Friday 22nd to Monday 27th
December   6th      

The additional skips provided by BDT (in blue) dates are approximate.

Bins Schedule

The schedule for bin collections for the year 2023/24 is now available.
It can be found on the dates menu or by clicking here.

Events at Memorial Hall


Third Monday -Photography Club (evening)
Fourth Monday - Book Club (afternoon)
Every Tuesday - Badminton 6pm - 8pm
Every Thursday - Pilates style exercise 7pm - 7:45pm
Every Friday - Coffee Morning 10am - Noon

One Friday per month - Men's Club - 6pm -9pm


Small Grants 2024 Details

The Community Council has funds available for small grants.
If you have ideas that need funding then please apply. See the details in the link below.
Dates and details for Winter Small Grants applications now available.
The application form (in word format) is available here.


DATE             Thursdays
TIME:             7.00pm to 7.45pm
ADMISSION:   £4.00 per person (class fee)

Further information can be obtained from:
LYN  BROOKS  01465 821413

Mobile Library

Latest Mobile Library Schedule is available here

For Barrhill it shows the following dates:

Barrhill Fri 12th July 1.45pm – 3pm Old Bank
Barrhill Fri 26th July 2.15pm – 3pm Primary School
Barrhill Fri 13th August 1.45pm – 3pm Old Bank
Barrhill Fri 23rd August 2.15pm – 3pm Primary School

Girvan & South Carrick Community Action Network

Do you need support travelling to hospital and health appointments?

For more information:
Call: 01465 714060

Report Road Defects

The link below is to Ayrshire Roads Alliance. On the site you can enter reports on road defects.
The more people who report defects the more likely it is that they will be dealt with.

Road Works Schedule

All the Amey roadworks can be seen on their website:

The weekly scheduled roadworks for SW Scotland is available in Excel spreadsheet format here.

Note these are the AMEY maintained roads so does not include the A714.
I can only upload these when they are sent to me so occasionally a week goes missing.
The Amey website has the roadworks always available


Litter along the roadsides is an ongoing problem in and around the village. The Community Council has been negotiating with South Ayrshire Council about litter signs for almost 4 years now with still no end product.

In a hope of improving the litter problem the CC has purchased litter pickers, gloves and bags which are available to anyone who is motivated enough to do some litter picking.

If you need any of these items contact either:

Ann Robertson on 07766 740179 or Andrew Clegg on 01465 821456

and we will get the supplies needed to you.

Church Services

Ths services in the hall have restarted and are on the third Sunday of the month.

More details on the Dates page


The Community Council would like to remind dog owners that "poop" bags are available free of charge from the dispensers at either end of the village.
Please be considerate to other members of the community and clean up after your dogs misdeeds.

The use of "poop" bags has been successful in helping to keep the village clean but some people are still being inconsiderate in having very kindly bagged their dogs poop they have then just hung the bag in a nearby bush or tree. Being a generous soul I would like to think that they were put there with the intention of collecting them on the return journey of their walk rather than a deliberate act. Please dispose of "poop" bags in a hygienic and environmentaly friendly way.